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Drill Pipe

We typically carry a large selection of good used premium white-band Drill Pipe and NEW domestic made in USA drill pipe, Slick & Spiral Drill Collars , and HeviWates in most popular sizes, weights, grades & connections.

(We do NOT carry any structural drill pipe)

5" 19.50# S-135 R3 CHEAP-get it now !


5 1/2" 21.90# S-135 HT55 R2 Grant Prideco material with   existing hardband & IPC fresh Cat 5 inspection, get it while it last !!!

** NEW 4" 14# S-135 XT-39 R2 domestic material, has Tuboscope TK-34XT abrasion resistant IPC and Tuboscope TCS-Titanium hardband on box & pin available for immediate delivery, GOING FAST ! CALL NOW !!!** **


4" 14# S-135 XT-39 Double White Band Cat -5 inspected, ready now !


3 1/2" 15.50# S-135 NC38 R2 with HB on boxes and IPC Cat 5 inspection

SOLDLIKE NEW 4" 15.70# S-135 XT-39 domestic with IPC & casing friendly hardband fresh Cat 5 inspectionSOLD

4 1/2" 16.60# G-105 FH domestic with full

Cat 5 inspection, has existing  hardband and IPC


 SOLD 5" 19.50# S-135 double-white band domestic material with DS-1 Cat 5 inspection, hardband & IPC in excellent like new condition, get it before it's gone !!! SOLD


5 1/2" 21.90# S-135 HT55 R2 Grant Prideco material with existing hardband & IPC fresh Cat 5 inspection, get it while it last !!!







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Drill Pipe 





































































5" OD, Grade S-135, 19.50ppf, NC 50 Connection, Arnco XT hard banding, internally coated, hardbanded, G-105, S-135, 13.30#, 19.50#, full hole, Range 2, Range 3, R2, pin, box, connection, tool joint, X-95, OD, ID, Range II, Range III, HWDP, kelly, hex kelly, square kelly, drill collar, slick collar, heviwate, proppants, spiral collar, hevi-wate, API, NC35, NC46, NC50, 100XT, hexagonal kellys, FH, mills, X-95, E-75, Full Hole, XT-39,Grant Prideco,Jindal Saw,7” OD x 4 ¼” ID Tool Joints,12” Pin x 18” Box Tong Space,Hard Banding,95% RBW,Internal Plastic Coating,3/32” SMOOTHEDGE on Box & Pin,HD Plastic Thread Protectors casing friendly hardband,35 Degree Pin Shoulders,18 Degree Box Elevator Shoulders, 5 7/8" 26.30#, internal flush, Tuboscope, TH Hill,XH, FH, full hole, IPC,E-75, S-135,DS50,DS-55,G-105, DWB, DP, G105, s135, NC46, XT-39, NC-46, NC-38, NC-40, slick, spiral, hardbanding, crossover subs, XT-39,XT39, HT-40, DS-4-, HT39,,jars,slick collars,DS,TCS-Titanium Hardband, internally coated, collars, tool joints,State Energy Inspection, jars, tool,spiral collars, joint, kelly cock, packer milling tool,hex kelly, casing cutters, downhole tools, pipe dope,heviwate,NC%), cement basket, 3 1/2", 4", 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/2", mixed, jts. , JSU-3,conventional, XT57, XT-57, 6 5/8", NS-1, dwb, DP, dp, conn, CONN, G, S, XT, 2 7/8", ARNCO, spinners, kelly spinner, slips, drill collar slips, push pipe, slick, spiral, hardbanding, kelly, XT 200 Hardbanding, medium non-proud, TK 34, double white band, dbl wht, Heavy Weights, frac sand, Rg-2, Rg-3, Reman, in stock, DWB, YB, colars, slip recess, bottom hole,TK-34XT abrasion resistant hardband, junk basket, overshot, drilling jar, heviwate, E, S, X, doublewhiteband, hevi-weight, HWDP, DWB, 14#, 16.60#, 13.30#, X-hole, V-150, G-105, conventional,full hole, spiral, casing, jars, spears, non-mag collars, 4 1/2" 16.60# G105 XH DWB in stock get it while it lasts,full hole,casing friendly, IF connnections, new drill pipe, used drill pipe, AOH