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Drilling Rigs available now !!

Drilling Rigs

 trailer mounted rig for sale made in USA

  PLEASE NOTE: Due to unscrupulous internet brokers, and in order to protect the privacy of our established

clientele whom list rigs/equipment with us on consignment, we do not publish lists of our available equipment online, only

small portions or "highlights" of our current inventory can be found on our website.

If you have a specific rig/equipment requirement, please utilize the "contact us" form on this site, or call, with your required specification

Drilling Rigs

and one of our representatives will assist you to identify the best possible match from our inventory. Thank you

Complete 2000hp SCR Rig  ...TOO CHEAP !!!
























Several NICE trailer mounted rigs to choose from, no matter your required depth

or budget, we have the 750 hp trailer mounted drilling rig for you !  500-1200 hp

 Cabot 1200 hp trailer mounted drilling package

 Complete trailer mounted Wichtex drilling rig package            




Several mechanical

and SCR rigs & VFD rigs available now !

National 80B rig ! N-46 Brewster !

2008 Super Single low hours trailer mounted complete package

Cabot 1200hp trailer mounted RIG package

SK775 carrier mounted complete package

National 80UE box on box rig, call now !  

Complete truck mounted Franks drilling rig package

Franks 1058 drawworks, mudboat & substructure, doghouse, matched Gardner Denver FXZ 7 1/4"x 12" pumps, rebuilt Ideco type E 17 1/2" rotary table, 75 ton McKissick block/hook strung up on 6 lines




 Several mechanical and SCR rigs / VFD rigs available now !







500hp/ 750hp/ 1000hp/ 1500hp/2000hp/3000hp


Land Rigs available for immediate delivery

 complete 2000hp SCR rig package 120 ARO


several Shallow Water Jack Up Rigs
available for immediate sale



New/used/refurbished diesel-electric land rigs and/or mechanical rigs and equipment for all types of climates,
terrain, horsepower , and depth rating requirements. If we don't have it , we can locate it for you.

Fast moving rigs, carrier rigs, trailer mounted rigs, helicopter rigs, modular rigs, barge rigs, desert rigs,
winterized cold-climate rigs, pad-rigs,

If you have DRILLING RIGS to sell, we can be of help to you as we have an established international customer
base of prequalified land rig buyers. Consider putting our expertise to work for you when contemplating the
sale of your drilling equipment. QPE offers a wide range of private rig/equipment selling options to quickly,
and discreetly, get you top dollar for your land rigs, barge rigs and ancillary drilling , completion, and
well service equipment

 complete turnkey 3000 hp Drilling Barge












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