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Oil and Gas Consulting & Investments


We offer Consulting Services for:

  • international crude oil/refined product downstream transaction consulting services ~ specializing in worldwide petroleum product due diligence and logistics/compliance/maritime issues
  • news/media outlets~ providing industry intel so that they may put forth informed coverage of petroleum news
  • law firms engaged in oil & gas litigation/personal injury/product liability/landowner/investor
  • investors (both institutional & individual) seeking reliable third party opinions on oil & gas projects
  • drilling and development project evaluation
  • oilfield equipment,drilling rig,completion and production equipment appraisals
  • oil & gas production evaluations

Additionally, QPE subsidiary entities occasionally refer investment opportunities to select institutional and larger accredited individual investors in a wide range of petroleum and precious metals based projects, such as:

  • Producing Properties
  • Midstream Assets
  • Exploration & Development Projects
  • Passive Income Portfolios (derived from from royalty, carried, and working interest positions and/or combinations thereof)
  • Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Purchase & Sale of Raw Materials and Industrial Metals, COPPER, BITUMEN, CRUDE OIL, LNG, & REFINED PRODUCTS
  • Concessions/blocks and commodity allocations in major petroleum producing countries




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