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Top Drives DC/AC/Hydraulic                                                     

Top Drives & Power Swivels, NEW / USED / Lease Return

Several used/rebuilt units to choose from

Complete Canrig 1050 DC

Complete Canrig 1250 AC

Canrig 275 ton

TWO (2) hard to find 350 ton hydraulic topdrives *rebuilt & dynotested* like NEW

available with electric/hydraulic HPU or diesel/hydraulic HPU ready to go turn right !!!

Rebuilt 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 Bowen power Swivels GOING FAST! Get yours today!!

Certified rebuilt 250 ton top drive available now, Call Today! Tesco HXI

SOLD Varco TDS 500 ton excellent price & ready to turn right ! SOLD

Top Drives


















































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