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PLEASE NOTE: Due to unscrupulous internet brokers, and in order to protect the privacy of our established clientele whom list rigs/equipment with us on consignment, we do not publish lists of our available equipment online, only small portions or "highlights" of our current inventory can be found on our website. If you have a specific rig/equipment requirement, please utilize the "contact us" form on this site, or call, with your required specification and one of our representatives will assist you to identify the best possible match from our inventory. Thank you

Wilson Super double drum single/double pulling unit on Mack truck available now !!!!

65' Wichtex derrick hydraulically raised & scoped w/tubing board & rod basket

471 Detroit, hydraulic leveling jacks, FAST rig up and easy mobilization
















Economy Cooper Single Pole on Ford 9000 truck w/371 Detroit deck engine, 65' pole, plumbed for tongs, single sheave block SOLD

 SK 575 104'/250# completely tooled out low-low hours

Six-axle 112'-300# refurbed, mast certified, work ready !


Franks double/double derrick pulling unit with tubing board

and rod basket !!! tooled out and ready to work NOW ! Get it before it's GONE !!!


Ideco H-35 double/triple 96'-215k mast with fresh 60 Series Detroit

and rebuilt 5860 Allison, working rig ready to go now ! reduced !


 Nice Swab Rig for sale available now !

 Shop Built single pole Swab Rig on 1994 GMC Top Kick
















Skidded & unitized workover pumps: JWS400-

JWS300- JWS185- JWS165 -CE F500 - GD PA8

several to choose from _CE F650 w/379 Cat



Several double/triple US manufactured well service rigs

available immediately.

One hard to find single/double available NOW !

Double/double Franks tooled out, field ready !


Wilson Sr. Single Pole (with air clutch) pulling unit on Mack truck available now !!!!

Wilson Mogul 42 Super Model 94 double/triple mast w/tubing board & rod basket

C-60 Wichtex double drum drawworks on clean Mack truck w/air clutches 8x10 pole!

Watson-Hopper single/double derrick w/tubing board & rod basket on carrier  !!!

C-60 Wichtex double drum double pole on clean late model International Truck !

33 Franks~65 Franks~658 Franks Cooper

5 axle Hopper w/fresh rebuilt Series 60-5860 Allison 96' 180# Pemco mast



Swab Rigs, several to choose from.


SOLD Late model 500 Series Taylor double drum five axle double/triple pulling unit, disk brake main drum, ready to go TODAY, like brand new SOLD

 Swab rigs for sale

350/400 Series/ 500 Series used double/triples available immediately !

 Franks Triscope, tooled out working rig, will sell fast !


 Single Pole sunset silhouette (not a listing)







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